Who run the world

Had a wonderful day yesterday as you can see in the pictures. Faith and I went around on the scooter to all these temples it was great. 
Today was beautiful, sunshine with 30 degrees and I did one Muay Thai class. Afterwards we went to the beach and later on we drove around to Chalong and met up with some friends from another gym for dinner. It was such a good place and we felt like angels in food-heaven!
Been visiting a lot of Faiths thaifriends around Rawai as well because she's been here several times before and it's always nice to connect with locals!
Even tho my hormones are bad to me sometimes I really feel like I can talk to Faith about it. She understands, we got each others backs and she's ma girl. One second we talk about religions the next one boys or we just goof around about everything between heaven and earth. I got her on my scooter because damn that girl should not be driving and the traffic is bad.... We have so much fun and when thai guys flirts with us in the traffic we make so much fun of it afterwards. Also the massage ladies who always screams out "massageeeee massaaaaage" we make fun of haha it's hilarious we have such a good sense of humor... 
Had to clear my head earlier today so I did some meditation and wow I just gotta say it's really powerful. It almost made me cry, all emotions just left me and I was happy the whole day afterwards.
I asked Faith today all randomly (is that a word?) "Do you just feel like crying sometimes?" Her repply "Yes" and I said "But do you do it" and she said "Yes". After that we just left it at that, it's no biggie she doesn't think that is a weird question or anything we just keeping it very real to one another.
Hope you swedes is having a cold time at home I am sorry for not being sorry that I didn't go home for Christmas.
Ciao beeeella!